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Those puzzles are available in Switzerland from


new puzzle Sweet temptation Toblerone puzzle   NEW

longish coffee break Coffee Brake Challenge

puzzling swiss Crazy Swiss Cube

fun-burr C1QB

The Heimat Feeling Graubünden Puzzle

Broken Square Excercise Fusiun Dals Quadrats

twisting your thoughts Lost In Space

we all have mountains to climb Mountain Range

open the box Puzzle Box

childhood memories The Seal Puzzle

get your own Sliding Block Puzzle

there is only one way Soma Summarum

sweet temptation Toblerone puzzle

licquorice at its finest Trilogic

be my valentine Valentine Puzzle

Difficulty rating of the puzzles:

  Rating Beginner Amateur Professional
1 very easy you can do it ideal warm-up try it after 5 beer
2 easy moderate easy that's better
3 moderate difficult moderate easy
4 difficult oops difficult moderate
5 very difficult art object how on earth.. ultimate challenge

Toys for children

Toddlers just love it Beda Toy

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